International relations

At international level, the Civil Protection Department promotes agreements, technical and scientific programs to implement the activity of forecasting and risk prevention, organizes and participates in exercises involving several countries, joins projects to exchange and share experiences and methodologies of intervention, contributes to the dissemination of the culture of civil protection. 

Bruxelles, 2018 - European Civil Protection Forum

Through the Department, Italy is part of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism: a European Union tool born to respond effectively and promptly to emergencies inside and outside the Union, through the sharing of resources of all Member States.

Over the years, the Civil Protection Department has played an important role both in supporting the Mechanism - through the deployment of experts and teams in major international missions - and in supporting and promoting dialogue and synergy between the United Nations and Europe, with the aim of providing a contribution to improving the response of the international community in case of disaster.

As for national emergencies, the Department can deal with disasters in the international arena following the declaration of a state of emergency and the issuance of civil protection orders.

The Department also promotes the exchange and sharing of information and experiences with the civil protections of other countries, including through meetings with international delegations.