Proculther-net obiettivi

First established to consolidate the results achieved by the PROCULTHER project, concluded in 2021, PROCULTHER-NET (Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters-Network) operates within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Knowledge Network with the aim of setting up a community on protecting cultural heritage in emergencies and promoting multidisciplinary exchange practices to support and complement the European Union's civil protection efforts.

The most important products of the PROCULTHER project have been:

  • The publication of "Key elements of a European Methodology to Address the Protection of Cultural Heritage during Emergencies". This methodology, grounded in lessons learned and best practices from project partners, provides a set of elements to advance preparedness and response activities with a view to including the protection of cultural heritage in all disaster risk management processes. 
  • The development of minimum requirements for a response module led by the Union Civil Protection Mechanism capable of intervening and supporting national response actions worldwide to protect cultural heritage at risk.

In view of these achievements, the PROCULTHER-NET Community is now set up and ready to engage new stakeholders to support and complement the European Union efforts in the field of civil protection for the inclusion of cultural heritage protection in all the stages of risk management.